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Oceanfront at Surfside Beach
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Holiday Inn Oceanfront At Surfside Beach, South Carolina

The rumored hidden treasure at Holiday Inn Oceanfront is not pirate's gold, nor that treasure to be found at the end of the many beautiful rainbows.  The best treasure to be discovered here has the musical rhythm of dancing ocean waves softly disappearing below the pearl white sand, leaving only the skittering sound of a small hermit crab returning to the sea.  With each ebb and flow of the tide, every visitor experiences the tension lifting, and fading away, with each distant cry of the sea gulls.

Surfside's other name is The Family Beach!  Just south of Myrtle Beach, and away from the bustling crowds, this quiet and secluded beach is a destination -- not just a reservation.

Children of all ages who enjoy a leisurely, romantic walk on the beach; trying to master wind surfing; collecting shells; golfing; or just staring into the endless horizon -- for those children, laughter and play are abundant here!

Whether your plans include doing business in a relaxed atmosphere, simple pleasure with carefree abandon, or combining both with a family getaway -- Holiday Inn Oceanfront at Surfside-Myrtle Beach provides the very best experience at the most affordable rates.

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